October 16, 2018

Home Inspection of the Roof Counter Flashing

Counter Flashing
Home inspection evaluation of the counter flashing.

During our home inspections, we examine the top edge of the counter flashing.

During a home inspection, it is important your home inspector gets up on the roof.  The top edge of the counter flashing needs to be evaluated.  Caulking along the top edge prevents rain runoff from getting past the counter flashing and behind the step flashing.  Once water gets past the step flashing it can potentially affect the roof structure and damage the wall sheathing.

Over time the caulking along the top edge falls and begins to open up.  As a homeowner,  you will want to periodically have the counter flashing inspected. Keeping the top edge caulked and sealed will potentially prevent unwanted damage to your interior.  Simple but timely maintenance will save you money and a headache in the long run.Counter Flashing

Counter Flashing Home Inspection

Home Inspection evaluation of the counter flashing.

Home Inspection of the counter flashing on the roof.