Proper Grading Is The 1st Step to Crawlspace Management.

During the home inspection we noted the crawlspace was flooded due to improper grading, lack of gutters and no vapor barrier .

 Manage Crawlspace Moisture Crawlspaces moisture must be managed.  As we know,  the typical moisture levels and temperatures, crawlspaces are a perfect habitat for mold and termites.  As a result, since we can’t easily control temperature, our goal is to restrict crawlspace moisture levels. There are more accurate and expensive methods to regulate the moisture in a crawlspace.  […]

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Did Your Home Inspector Inspect The Roof?

During a roof home inspection of the roof, it was found that shingles were cut short along the gable edge of the roof.

Purchase A Home Inspection, it could save you thousands!               When purchasing a new home, many buyers do not think a home inspection is necessary.   Since the home comes with a one year warranty, the belief is, that any problems will show up in this time. However,  some issues will […]

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Keep Those Dryer Vents Clean

A roof-mounted dryer vent is blocked by a build-up of lint. Lint is a fire hazard. Also a lint issue can cause other problems.

Why was there a wet spot on my ceiling during my home inspection? During this home inspection, we noticed a water spot on the ceiling of the laundry room.  Going into the attic, we found the insulation was wet under the dryer vent elbow.  All the junctions in the dryer vents were taped. Also, the […]

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The Home Inspection and Ledger Flashing

Home inspection of deck ledger flashing. Lack of ledger flashing can allow water to damage structure.

What is Deck Ledger Flashing? Most realtors and home buyers are not sure what deck ledger flashing is or its purpose and why it keeps coming up in home inspection reports.  What I am writing, is not meant to be an expert treatise on deck ledger flashing and all of it possible installation methods and damaging results.  […]

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Home Inspections and Atlas Chalet Shingles

Home inspections reveal Atlas Chalet Shingles

Atlas Chalet Shingles and Your Home Inspection Atlas Chalet shingles were produced by the Atlas shingle company from 2000 to 2010.  These shingles were installed in thousands of homes in the southern United States. None the less, it was soon seen that there was a manufacturing issue with the shingles.  Chalet shingles demonstrated the defects […]

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Home Inspection of the Roof Counter Flashing

Counter Flashing

During a home inspection, it is important your home inspector gets up on the roof.  The top edge of the counter flashing needs to be evaluated.  Caulking along the top edge prevents rain runoff from getting past the counter flashing and behind the step flashing.  Once water gets past the step flashing it can potentially […]

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Vegetation and Your Home Inspection

Home Inspection Vegetation

You need to manage the vegetation around your home! Overgrown vegetation around your home provides insects and moisture constant access to your exterior walls and potentially the bottom wall plate.  In addition, during the home inspection, vegetation this dense prevents the proper inspection of the lower portions of the walls.  As a homeowner, you will also […]

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