Termite Inspection Services in Newnan, Peachtree City, Tyrone, Senoia and the surrounding cities.

Termite inspections at least once a year should be mandatory for the early detection of termite activity. With early detection, you may be able to reduce the effect of damages and repairs caused by termites in your home. Termite inspections are useful to detect your property from timber pests and reduce the risks of infestations.

To provide you with the best termite inspections and treatments, we have collaborated with “Precision Test” which is a company specializing in termite inspections and various treatment techniques. We can help you with the early detection of termites and provide you with termite treatments for your particular needs. We are your go-to option for your pest problems and wildlife control. Once you have purchased the Our Precision Test services, we offer a free pest control treatment for $75 towards any service that you sign up for.
So, what are you waiting for? Contact us now for professional termite inspection and treatment services in Newnan.

Expert Home Inspectors for Termite Inspection in Newnan & Surrounding Areas

Along with home inspection services, we also offer termite inspection services to ensure your home is completely safe from termites and other pests. These pests can cause lots of damage to your wood’s structural system, making them ineffective and even exposing them to the possibility of cracking. Not only do these termites cause damage to your home, but they can also cause serious health issues.

We have collaborated with “Precision Test” which is a company that specializes in termite inspections and various treatment techniques. We always derive pleasure in offering termite inspection and treatment services so that our customers can live in their homes happily. We bring home inspection services, termite inspections, and other home treatment services under one roof so that you don’t need to waste much time on hiring different companies for different services. For all your pest control needs and inspections, contact us now and schedule a service.

Let Powerworks Inspections set up your termite inspection for you.

Let Us Schedule Your Termite Inspection! Understanding your Home through your home inspection! Protect Your Investment with a termite inspection and treatment!

Powerworks Inspections works with a number of State Licensed Pest Control Contractors.

Precision Pest has handled many of the termite inspections for our clients purchasing homes.   In addition, once your home is purchased Precision Pest also offers a free 1st quarter pest control treatment or $75 toward any service when you sign up for their Healthy Home Program.


Protecting your home from pests and termites is a 24 hr day job that should be managed by Professionals.

Termites have caused over 1.5 billion dollars yearly in residential home damage.  Protecting your home from termites is a vital step in protecting your investment and home.

A professional termite inspection during or after your home inspection is your first step in protecting your home. Once you have acquired your home,  setting up a continuing termite and pest control program is essential.  Termites are aggressive in their ability to damage your home. You never want to find termites have been dining on your home in private.