27 Jun 2020

Purchasing a new home comes with many expectations.  However, even new construction homes can have hidden issues.  With today’s tract type construction or even custom home construction, it can be difficult for the best General Contractor to check up on all aspects of work being done.  Often subcontractors are under pressure to complete multiple jobs, […]

24 Jun 2020

Many experienced property investors only need assistance with evaluating a potential purchase.  At Powerworks we offer a customizable inspection. Attic, Roof, Foundation, Panel box, and Service Entrance, Water Heater and HVAC system.  You choose what you are most concerned with and let us take care of it for you. Your experience along with ours can […]

22 Jun 2020

PowerWorks Inspections provides services to deliver you accurate information about your property.  Our residential home inspectors use the latest technology and tools, along with the most modern techniques and strategies to perform your full home inspection.  Our goal is to provide you accurate and complete information with which to make an informed decision about your potential home. […]