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Chalet Shingles Premature Wear


Atlas Chalet Shingles and Your Home Inspection

Atlas Chalet shingles were produced by the Atlas shingle company from 2000 to 2010.  These shingles were installed in thousands of homes in the southern United States.

None the less, it was soon seen that there was a manufacturing issue with the shingles.  Chalet shingles demonstrated the defects in a number of ways.  Chalet shingles experience a high rate of degranulation, surface cracking, blistering and premature failure.  With mounting complaints and insurance issues, Atlas discontinued the Chalet shingle in 2010 but never issued a recall.

There have been several class action lawsuits and a lawsuit by the State of Georgia Insurance Commission.  None of these, these lawsuits did not provide much relief to home owns stuck with Chalet shingles on their home.

Since the shingle has been discontinued, homeowners and roofers have not been able to find a suitable replacement for repairs.  Newer shingles don’t match or are of a different size.  The problem is, most insurance companies are not allowed to repair your roof with a product that is not of like kind and quality.  As a result, simple roof repairs cannot be accomplished properly.  This often leaves the homeowner having to replace the entire roof.

Where is the Help?

According to State Insurance Commissioner Ralph Hudgens in the  Fox 5 I-Team if your Atlas Chalet roof shows signs of damage due to hail or wind, and roofers cannot get a suitable match for the shingles, the insurance company should foot the bill for a complete roof replacement. (Be aware, however, that at least one insurer has reportedly refused coverage for homes with Atlas Chalet shingles.)  Still, there are many quality, licensed and insured roofing companies that are willing to examine your roof for wind and hail damage.  These companies are experienced in dealing with homeowner insurance companies and can often get your roof replacement covered due to wind or hail damage.

So when you’re ready to list your home for sale, I would recommend you have a pre-listing home inspection or at least a roof inspection.  Don’t be surprised by Chalet shingles when the home is under contract.  If your home turns out to have Atlas Chalet shingles, contact your home owner’s insurance company and a reputable roofing company to see what your options are.  More than likely it may be able to be covered due to wind or hail damage.

If your home inspection report reveals the presence of Atlas Chalet shingles, this does not have to be the end of your dream.  I would recommend contacting your homeowner’s insurance company and getting the advice of a licensed roofer.