24 Jul 2020

Purchase A Home Inspection, it could save you thousands!

Roof Inspection of 1-year-old home.

When purchasing a new home, many buyers do not think a home inspection is necessary.   Since the home comes with a one year warranty, the belief is, that any problems will show up in this time. However,  some issues will not show up for years or are not in an easily accessible area to be discovered.

This home is less than one year old and is now up for resale.  From what I discovered during my roof inspection, I can bet this home buyer did not choose to have a home inspection or his home inspector did not fully inspect the roof.   To the detriment of the buyer, the roof looked fine from the ground and he was never was aware he had a significant issue until he wanted to sell the property.


What Was Missed On The Roof?

During the installation, the roof shingles were cut short along the gable edge shingles. Instead of doing a proper repair of layering in new shingles, the roofing contractor has pushed shingles in along the edge parallel with the rake edge. Unfortunately, the lip formed from this action will direct rainwater under the original shingles. Even though the shingles pushed in from the edge have been sealed to the bottom of the original shingles, the maintaining of this seal will be a consistent task.

Correspondingly, this roof installation will probably affect the warranty on the shingles.


A Home Inspection With Powerworks Inspections Is Worth The Cost.

When you are purchasing any home and especially a new home, have a home inspection performed by Powerworks Inspections. You never know what surprises have been left behind. We get on the roof in all our inspections. If the roof is to steep to go personally, we will inspect your roof using our 4K Drone.